Issue 6 – Editor’s Welcome

Kulture Kids,

Wow. It’s been a hell of a year! First of all, we’re so sorry that we went on an unexpected hiatus for a few months. Life has a way of doing the complete unexpected and that’s exactly what happened. But we’re so thankful you stuck with us.


Six issues in and we thought it was time to reflect on where we are and where we have been. This month’s theme, Reflections, features three talented and very different contributors. Roxi brings an insightful article on collection management and development. Arrin has created a powerful and emotive piece of poetry for you to immerse yourself in, and we catch up with Laura (featured in our very first issue!) as she contemplates her place in the GLAM world.


Earlier this year, editor Vick Gwyn was lucky enough to catch up with Andrew Kelly from new Cardigan, a great GLAM community you should definitely check out! Vick and Andrew sat down and discussed the Kulture Kid Digest and reflected on all things inclusivity and advocacy in GLAM. You can listen to the podcast here.


As always, we want to hear from YOU! If you have an idea for a contribution or issue theme, you should get in touch with us via the Digest, our Facebook pageInstagram and our email:


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