Issue 5: The Crystal Ball

Museum 2.0h No, Where Next?

By Natasha Naughton

Writing an article about my hopes and fears for the GLAM industry seems a daunting task at this stage of my career. I’m very much an early stage professional in the museum sector, and at the moment most of my hopes and fears feel very self-centred.

The Accidental Curator

By Kerry Neale

I am an accidental curator.  No crystal ball foretold my career path.  A colleague recently said to me that I’m probably one of the only people who planned on being a High School History teacher and ended up working in a museum – usually it’s the other way around.  She’s probably right.  I have always loved history and telling the stories of the past, but I thought I would be sharing that passion in a classroom.




By Nathan Sentance

The following is a list of a few hopes I have for the GLAMR profession and its collections in regards to First Nations Culture



A GLAMRous Agony Aunt

We asked a couple of GLAMR colleagues to peer into their crystal balls and share what they think might face the future of GLAMR. To get a bit more context, please check out our contributor’s bios, along with their social media links here.


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