Issue 4: My Favourite Thing

My Favourite Thing – The Oral Historian

By Stephanie Boyle


I’ve played trivia in Kandahar. Walked through Saddam’s summer palace. And watched the flags go down in Tarin Kot, when an Australian soldier died. Working at the Australian War Memorial has seen me in places curators don’t usually go.



My Favourite Thing – Travel

By Kelly Burgess


I once met someone, who after chatting with me for a short amount of time, told me that I clearly have three great loves in life: art, food and most importantly travel. I was initially shocked when I heard this statement. I couldn’t believe that someone I barely knew could summarise me so quickly and accurately. To be honest though, as I’m sure anyone who knows me well can attest to, that’s all I ever really talk about. If I had the opportunity right now to be somewhere overseas, looking at incredible art whilst eating delicious food, preferably some kick arse spring rolls, my life would be complete.



My Favourite Thing – Cooking My Culture

By Vick Gwyn


For as long as I can remember, food – and making it – has been an integral part of my identity. I’m a child of parents from two different cultures, who was born in a third, raised in a fourth, and through all of it, the one unifier has been food. Food is a wonderful thing in that it gives us nourishment, allows us to survive, but it’s also a beautiful way of appreciating and connecting in, and with cultures.


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