Issue 2: Colour & Culture

Navigating the Museum as a Person of Mixed-Race Heritage in Australia

By Karen Schamberger

I was fifteen when I saw her in an art gallery. Dark hair, dark eyes, light skin, well-rounded and not quite fitting any ethnicity. Her name was Rita Lee and she was an artist’s model in Sydney in the early twentieth century. Her mother was of Chinese descent, like mine. And her father Spanish. He was European, like but not quite like, my Austrian father. But I only found out her family background later when I was volunteering at that art gallery.

Interview: Curator of Colour

By Garth O’Connell

We called out to creative practitioners, from artists to curators and producers and collection managers who identify as POC to get their personal experience of practice, what they’re hoping for and how they tackle the (sometimes) contestation of their identity and their work.

We had a chat to curator Garth O’Connell to find out more about his personal experience as a curator of colour.

GLAM Allies and Advocacy: A Personal Approach

By Vick Gwyn

Inclusivity and diversity in our galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM) has been a running discussion for quite some time. But where are we up to in Australia? What’s happening and what can we do to add to this discussion to make tangible and visible change?[i] Why is this even important some people may ask.

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