Issue 1: Keeping Your Head Above Water


By Laura Wiles

Call me crazy, but in my naivety I assumed that museums would be jumping up and down to have a free worker on their hands for 3 months. However, it turned out that this was not the case. I circulated my CV and letters to every major institution in Canberra, but I didn’t receive a single response.


The Risky Business

By Kelly Burgess

What followed was the hardest nine months of my life. I spent all my time applying for arts related jobs – sending what felt like hundreds of emails, trying to get a foot in the door by interning or volunteering and attending countless networking nights. I received virtually no response – no rejection emails or calls. I simply heard nothing. It was heartbreaking. I was devastated that my London experience wasn’t turning out how I had hoped and that this gigantic risk I had taken wasn’t going to pay off. I began to think seriously about coming home.

Am I There Yet?

By Josephine Walsh

So while I feel like I’m no longer an emerging professional, and I made the decision to leave an amazing permanent job of my own volition, I have no doubt that it would have continued to challenge me and help me grow.

A GLAMorous Agony Aunt

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