Issue 5 – Editor’s Welcome

Five months in and we’re still chugging along, Kulture Kids! Who could have predicted we would have made it this far? Well…. we certainly hoped we would have made it this far and we’re excited to see where the future might take us.


This month’s issue, The Crystal Ball: Hopes and Fears for the Future of GLAMR, has brought forward honest and thought provoking contributions. We are very lucky to have an amazing bunch of contributors to this issue who bring a diverse range of views on the future of our industry. A recurring theme of articles in this issue illustrate how easily a hope can be spun into fear and conversely how a fear can be transformed into a hope for the future. As an industry, we stand on a knife’s edge of plunging into one or the other – the uncertainty of our future at the fore.  Sometimes exploring these issues can bring up more questions than answers, but we hope that having discussions around these can arm us against that fear of uncertainty we might face.


We’d also like to take this opportunity to encourage you to get in touch (or tell someone you think would make a great contributor to get in touch!) with us so that we can share your views and opinions. We’re working towards building a community of Kulture Kids, where we have a space to share our ideas, build friendships and discuss things we might not normally get a chance to. If you would like to propose a theme for the Digest, we’d love to hear it, while we are GLAMR focused, we are interested in the world around us and how that informs us!



If you haven’t liked our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram, make sure you do as we have some fun things we’re planning on giving away in the next month!



Next month’s issue is The World Around Us and will look at individual, local, national and international relationships in GLAMR. From the impacts of globalisation on Australian Arts to social grassroots action, we want to tackle this big theme with a wide number of views and approaches – we want to hear from you!!


If you’d like to contribute to this issue, get in contact with us via the Digest, our Facebook pageInstagram and our email; by 9 August 2017.


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