Issue 3 – Editor’s Welcome

The F Word.


But which “F” word? It could have been a number of possibilities – Feminism, Fascism, Future, Fuck. The possibilities could have been endless, and all quite relevant to what’s happening in the world currently. The word we chose was fun.


Working in the GLAM world (and in any professional environment), fun can be both a derided or sought after outcome. It can be stifled or encouraged as employees. It can mean a plethora of different things to different people. Issue 3: The F Word, is about fun and creativity in GLAM. From our creative artists, to those who manage and produce, what does fun and creativity mean to them? Is it important and does it impact or influence their work at all?


This issue features three amazing (and amazingly fun and creative) people. I am so excited that Andrew, Vanessa and Andy have contributed not just their amazing talents to make this one of our most vibrant issues yet, but also their time and consideration in sitting down and letting us get to know their work, process, and by extension, so much more about themselves as brilliant Kulture Kids.


Often, we see the end product of a creative process – the stunning photograph, the vibrant arts festival, the impossibly catchy tune – without appreciating the labour that goes into it. What you see in this issue featuring three very different people and their work, is their ongoing process, and for us viewing the digest this month, the fun starts here.




The next issue of the Kulture Kid Digest is themed My Favourite Thing. We’re seeking contributors to write or respond creatively on their favourite thing. Written a review? We’d love to feature it! Penned a poem? We’d love to publish it!

Get in touch with us at by 17 May 2017 with your idea to get involved.







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