This issue wouldn’t have happened without the amazing contributions of the following talented people:

*You can access their Issue 3 Digest contributions by clicking their hyperlinked name*

Andrew Tenison

Andrew Pic

Andrew has been working within the GLAM industry since 2010 in the areas of Library information management, reference, cataloging, archive management and digitisation and preventative conservation/collection storage. He has a background in the visual arts, specifically around fine art photographic practice. Currently he is a collection management professional by day and a fine art photography practitioner by night.

You can see more of Andrew’s work at his website here.

Vanessa Wright


Vanessa Wright is a producer, as well as a sometimes writer and curator. From 2014 – 2016 she was a Managing Producer for You Are Here festival in Canberra. She has also been an Associate Producer at Melbourne Fringe Festival (2015, 2016), a Creative Producer for Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres in Canberra (2015-2016) and is currently a Producer at Darwin Festival. Vanessa is also a participant in the 2017-18 Next Wave Kickstart Helix program, with new producing collective Lady Producer Gang. 

You can follow Vanessa on Twitter @always_vanessa .

Andrew Brazendale  |  Fauzi Productions

Andrew Profile

Andrew Brazendale is a music producer, composer and sole operator of Fauzi Productions.

 Operating as a business to provide individuals and businesses with audio content, Andrew also utilises Fauzi Productions as his artistic outlet. He has performed for various bands as a multi-instrumentalists as well as releasing music under a moniker or his own name.

Having started with classical guitar training in his youth and having his first paying gig providing music for an art exhibition in high school, Andrew made the somewhat predictable teenager migration to playing in punk rock bands. Now, Andrew has somewhat more of an appreciation for all types of music and a deep fascination with creating and manipulating noise.

You can follow his work at:

Fauzi Productions Facebook

Fauzi Productions Instagram


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