This issue wouldn’t have happened without the amazing contributions of the following talented people: *You can access their Issue 3 Digest contributions by clicking their hyperlinked name* Andrew Tenison Andrew has been working within the GLAM industry since 2010 in the areas of Library information management, reference, cataloging, archive management and digitisation and preventative conservation/collection... Continue Reading →

THE kulturekid

  For this special feature, we worked with musician and producer, Andrew Brazendale of Fauzi Productions.  In response to the theme The F Word: fun and creativity, Andy created a musical piece titled, KULTURE KID. Ridiculously catchy, amazingly rich and complex, KULTURE KID is a track you’ll want to set to repeat and listen to... Continue Reading →

A Creative Production: Vanessa Wright

  By Vanessa Wright     Producing a festival is fun; it’s exciting, demanding, fulfilling and has a satisfying end point. It’s also exhausting, stressful, time consuming and involves a lot of emails (so many), a lot of compromises and even more negotiation. But at this point in my career I can’t imagine doing anything... Continue Reading →

Issue 3 – Editor’s Welcome

The F Word.   But which “F” word? It could have been a number of possibilities – Feminism, Fascism, Future, Fuck. The possibilities could have been endless, and all quite relevant to what’s happening in the world currently. The word we chose was fun.   Working in the GLAM world (and in any professional environment),... Continue Reading →

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