This issue wouldn't have happened without the amazing contributions of the following people: *You can access their Issue 1 Digest contributions by clicking their hyperlinked name* Laura Wiles Laura Wiles is an emerging museum professional who started life as an archaeologist. She has worked for the Australian War Memorial and the Australian Institute of Aboriginal... Continue Reading →

A GLAMorous Agony Aunt

We got in touch with people from a few GLAM backgrounds and asked them the following questions. To get a bit more context, please check out our contributor's bios, along with their social media links here. If you have more specific questions for advice, email them through to and we'll do our best to... Continue Reading →

Issue 1 – Editor’s Welcome

By Vick Gwyn The Kulture Kid Digest has been almost two years in the making. And by making, I mean rattling around in my head, on post-it-notes, untitled word documents and hounding of friends and colleagues to see if they would be interested. The day has finally come! This wouldn't have been possible without someone in... Continue Reading →

Am I There Yet?

  By Jose Walsh   In addition to contributing to our Agony Aunt page (go check it out!), Jose responded to the following question, and it's one that I keep asking myself. Is there a stage in your career where you think you're no longer an emerging professional? Have you reached that yet? About 2... Continue Reading →

The Risky Business

By Kelly Burgess I’ve never been much of a risk taker. I’ve always known exactly what I want to do and what my next step in life and my career will be. I’m a planner by nature. This all changed however in the middle of 2014. Tired of the monotony of my Canberra life and... Continue Reading →

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